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HoMin went to SHINee's concert!

From Chubee’s twitter
HoMin is at SHINee concert and acts totally like fanboys ^-^
HoMin is not a guest, they just go there to cheer on SHINee boys. They danced at Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer.
During Minho’s solo, he showed some skin, and Changmin made a catcall (?? not sure if it’s a right word in english ^^) Changmin absolutely cheered for Minho’s act much more than other acts. LOL
Yunho loves Ring Ding Dong, as he moved along the song perfectly.
They hold and wave green sticks (SHINee’s color).
Apparently Changmin was more focused on the concert and Yunho played around a bit and talked with fans.

That's so cute. Changmin was such a fanboy hahaha
Source: Chubee’s twitter http://twitter.com/withchubee + telzone
Credit+trans: niki18@soompi+continuetvxq
Shared by: continueTVXQ.wordpress.com
Tags: fanwork: other
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