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[Fic] Teach me how to kiss

Title: Teach me how to kiss
Author: Yuki
Length: two shots
Pairing: 2Min (Changmin/ Minho)
Genre: Romance, Mild Angst, fluff, Smut
Rating: PG13-NC17
Summary: Minho was a handsome, sweet and lovely guy who had many girlfriends and boyfriends. The sad part was that ALL of them dumped him after their first kiss. He was puzzled and hurt as to why no one wanted to be with him. Until his last boyfriend broke up with him telling him that he was the WORST kisser ever. Depressed and unhappy he asked his friend for advice, who in return led him to a kissing expert, who will turn him from the worst to the best kisser. (Crappy summary I know)
Beta: chunfacebiased 

Oh my GOD, I was so excited when I got the link to this comm =DDD 
I already included 2Min in some of my fics, and wrote this changminho two shots =DDDD 

Hope you enjoy ^^ 

PS: if you have any plot in mind, please, feel free to pm me or leave me a comment so I can write it for u ^^ 
I'm dying to write some, but sadly I don't have any plot in mind >_<

[Part 1] , [Part 2]
Tags: fanwork: fanfic
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